Put-in-Bay Township Park District

Dodge Woods consists of young forest. The site at one time was a vineyard, and remnants of the vineyard can still be seen. There is a mix of black walnut, common hackberry, black cherry, Kentucky coffeetree, wild grape, mulberry, and eastern red cedar with conifers, fruit trees, herbaceous plants, and sedges. In the spring, wildflowers such as Virginia waterleaf, bloodroot, wild leeks, false Solomon’s Seal, and buttercups are found along the trail. Enchanters nightshade, tall bellflower, Short’s aster, and goldenrod are in bloom in the fall. Dodge Woods is a stop for birds in the spring and fall migration season. The Eastern Fox Snake and the melanistic Eastern Garter Snake are found in the area.

There is a mulched trail, and a bike rack and parking spaces are available on Thompson Road (approximately a 120-foot walk to the entrance). The property is open from dawn to dusk. The property is adjacent to the bicycle path on the island. The site is used for hiking, nature photography, bird watching, and scientific study. No motorized vehicles or camping is permitted.

The Put-in-Bay StoryWalk® is located within this preserve. The StoryWalk® was a collaboration between the Park District and the Erie Islands Library. A StoryWalk® is an innovative way for children and adults to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time. Seventeen Storyboard posts are placed along the mulched path and display laminated pages from children’s books. A grant from the Ottawa County Community Fund along with other donations from individuals and businesses made this installation possible.

View or download the trail map here:

Dodge Woods Preserve Trail Map


South Bass Island – Corner of Thompson and Langram Road

Parcel Size:

3.6 acres


Trail: 852 foot looped trail - rugged, natural hazards

Trail Entrance - Dodge Woods Preserve

Trail Entrance - Dodge Woods Preserve

LEIC - Dodge Woods Preserve Trail

Dodge Woods Preserve Trail

Richard Gump Installing Dodge Woods Trail

Richard Gump Installing Dodge Woods Trail


Hope you visit and enjoy the Dodge Woods Preserve!